Three Great Ways To Be A VIP

1. Add $99/year per member to your membership for VIP upgrade

2. Refer 10 or more friends to join the club and become a VIP for one year

3. Be an Accelerate Fitness Member for 3 years and get a one year VIP upgrade for free!

VIP Club Services Include

$5 off your membership per month ($60 value per year)

No change in your contract membership rate as long as you keep your VIP status

10% off Juice Bar and Supplements

10% off Training Packages

10% off Tanning

Refer A Friend Program For every new member not currently a Forum of Lexington member that joins with a one year membership agreement to Accelerate Fitness, We will give you a month free if your friend tells us you (the member) told them to join the day they sign up for membership. That means if you send in 12 friends to join Accelerate Fitness you have a full year’s worth of free membership after they join! What a better way to stay in shape then with a great community of your friends!

New members can only pick one current member to designate the one month free. If at couples rate discount will be applied to discounted rate not full rate.