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4 Tips Creating a Zen Run

Yoga drives me crazy!  

Some of you have heard me say this.  Now do not take that as I do not like yoga or think it is a good practice. Actually it is an amazing, sometimes challenging, sometimes relaxing exercise that can be very good for you.  However yoga drives me crazy!  I find more peace moving or zen running.

You see some people are meant to find peace in calm rain and some in a torrential downpour.  I am the downpour person.  I love it when the rain is pounding on the roof, knowing all the plants and bushes I have neglected are getting some hydration.  I even love running in a heavy rain.  It makes the same running route completely different.  It challenges me to run through in and out of puddles. It makes me focus more on being in the moment.  The next step, the next breath, the next glance all bringing calm to me in the storm.  Same thing with those of you who love yoga.  A focus on breathing, on posture, on holding a pose, on focus and respect for that moment.

Whether it is yoga or zen running we can find that sense of calm before we start our day or after we finish our day of being busy human beings.  However it does not always go that way.  Sometimes we have a bad run.  We are distracted and feel anxious to get to the next thing in life it can be hard to be in the moment.

Here are 4 tips on how to create a Zen Run

  1.     Decide how far you are going the day before you run and even what time.  You plant the seed early. That way your brain is already engaged the next day that this is going to be part of your day.
  2.     Turn off your run do-dads.  I love my Fitbit and mapmyrun apps but they are take focus away from being right here in the moment. That being said some people will love having music and some will think being really in tune means tuning out.
  3.     Listen to your body but push when ready.  Always warm up slowly with a jog into a run.  Give your body that 5 to 10 minutes of warming up jogging it deserves before pushing into a run.  Pushing the pace so that you are completely focused on breathing.   There is a line between breathing hard and out of breath.  The goal is to have a run where you are breathing hard but never have to completely abandon running to walk because you reached your threshold.
  4.     Have a gratitude moment after you run and stretch for 5-10 minutes after your run.  This will allow your breath to come back down to baseline and your body to cool down slowly with some added benefit of flexibility.

I hope all your runs are filled with joy and gratitude.

Delaine Fowler



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