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Posted by: Delaine Fowler on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 11:00:00 am

3 Common Back Pain & Sciatica Causes

Do you know someone suffering with back pain or sciatica?

I’m guessing you do…

If you have seen someone leaning on a cart in the grocery store because they can’t walk without the cart then that person is likely suffering with back pain and sciatica.

If you have a friend or loved one who needs to “sit for a minute” after walking or standing for a short while…then that person likely is suffering with back pain and sciatica.

Have you ever seen someone change the way they get in and out of the car or the way they bend over to pick up something or the way they walk?  If so then that person may be suffering with back pain and sciatica.

And from experience of helping people with back pain and sciatica…I can tell you most people can heal naturally…saving time and money…if they first find out the CAUSE of their back pain and sciatica.


Dear Friend of Accelerate Health,

Back pain and sciatica can be one of the most frustrating problems to deal with…leading to pain killers, expensive MRIs, multiple injections, or even surgery.  What’s worse is that many times these costly procedures do not lead to being pain free…or even less pain OR relief…leading to frustration…feeling like life is passing you by…and depression. BUT from experience of helping 1000’s of people with back pain and sciatica sufferers heal naturally without pain medications, injections or surgery…I can share that in every case the person got back to normal because we addressed the CAUSE of their back pain and sciatica.

So What Causes Back Pain and Sciatica?

From my experience these are the 3 Most Common Causes we see at Accelerate Health:

Cause #1: Stenosis, Arthritis, DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease)

Pain with standing and walking?  Less pain when you sit down?  50 or more candles on your next birthday cake? If you answered Yes to these 3 questions.  Then there’s a 99% chance the cause of your back pain or sciatica is stenosis, arthritis, or DDD.  Sufferers with this cause may also have low back stiffness when they first get out of bed in the morning…and may need to “move around” for 15 minutes…or get a hot shower before they loosen up.  They usually have trouble being on their feet for a long time…and need to “sit down for a minute” to get relief.  This is the person who need to lean forward on the grocery cart to make it through the store.

Cause #2 Herniated Discs or Slipped Discs or Pinched Nerves

Sufferers with Herniated Discs usually are younger….35 years of age or younger…and have sharp pain down the back of their legs when they bend forward or lift.  As a general rule, the further down their leg they have pain, numbness or tingling…the more pressure they’re putting on their nerve.  Pain bending forward…and usually relief bending backwards or standing.

Cause #3: Pelvic or SI Joint Problems

This is the most commonly missed cause of Back Pain and Sciatica because it does not show up easily on an X-ray or MRI.  SI joint pain sufferers usually have pain with changing positions such as getting in and out of the car…or rolling over in bed…or getting in and out of bed.  Sitting or driving is usually a problem…and one leg can feel “heavier” than the other.  Sufferers with this cause can even experience groin pain and trouble controlling their bladder (even at a young age)

Why Knowing the Cause of Your Back Pain or Sciatica is Important…

When you know the CAUSE of your back pain and sciatica, then it’s much easier to do the right treatment to get back to normal…and heal naturally.  At Accelerate Health, we specialize in helping people fid out the exact CAUSE of their back pain and sciatica (this can be tricky…because some back pain and sciatica suffers have more than 1 CAUSE).

To schedule an appointment with one of our Back Pain and Sciatica Specialists and find out the exact cause of your back pain and sciatica, call us at 704-754-8300


Hope this helps you,

Dr. Delaine Fowler, PT DPT

Accelerate Health



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