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5 Health Tips To Keep You Going Strong

If your goal is to stay injury free while striving toward your next health or fitness goals this summer, here are five tips to practice when exercising!

  1. Take time to stretch. Gaining and keeping muscle flexibility can keep joints moving the way they were meant to. Tight muscles will pull on joints in a faulty way causing wear and tear. A five to ten minute stretching routine after your work out or before settling down for the evening can help keep muscles moving and decrease injury potential.
  2. Stay hydrated. I must admit while at the clinic I get wrapped up in treating patients and forget to hydrate. This leads to evenings of low mental and physical energy levels for me personally. If our body is two thirds water it is reasonable to think proper hydration will not only keep vital functions going but keep energy levels up whether at work or working out.
  3. Rest and recover when needed. A lot of people have big physical goals for the year. Whether it is running your first 5K, competing in the Taekwondo championships, or throw a better football you have to find the right balance of rest and training. Overtraining syndrome is a real thing. I have been there and the eight months it took to come out of it was physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging.
  4. Try something new. Cross training can teach you a lot about your body. Swimming, biking, yoga, trail running, weight training, or any aerobics class could bring a whole new dimension to your athletic or fitness goals.
  5. Buy new shoes when needed. The average athletic shoe have 300-400 good miles of use then the last is worn out. Keep track of your average weekly miles and replace your shoes as often as needed. Sometimes your body will tell you your shoes are done before the mileage piles up. Listen to your body. Back pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and ankle pain can be all signs that your shoes are almost finished. Make sure to break new shoes in properly by walking in them for three to ten miles and then running in them for two to three miles a couple of times before putting them into the long distance training program.


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